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On Personal Experience

Loved the suits fits well with nice designs. 
There is clearly a lot of thought in the their wet suits! A definitive Recommendation. - 2018

Kelvin Soo

It is not easy to find a wetsuit that suits me but SCREAM'S stretchy material makes getting in and out of one easy for me, the Asian cut makes the fit comfortable. Would recommend! - 2018

Cher Tan

Loving the designs: very chick, contemporary & excellent quality! - 2018

Sandy Felix

Definitely the wetsuits and booties!!! Me and my friends bought 2 wetsuits and 2 pairs of booties from Scream. We love the designs so much and the quality is very good. Everyone were asking me about the booties whenever i went for my divetrip. Special thanks to Ai Ling for the coolio designs. Can't wait to see her upcoming products!!! - 2018

Carmen Virtuoso

Very comfi and easy to wear ; nice design too ... for a change no longer the just black :) - 2018

Joseph Lee

Comfortable and durable with nice design, just bought my second pair of Scream booties, thanks so much for understanding our needs  - 2018

Borhan Yusof

Compelling design, breathable & comfortable - 2018

Yatie Othman

Fabulous design, easy to put on. In love with it! - 2018

Joanna Trojanowska

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